Alpha build is up!

- Core mechanics are in
- The game has 6 levels, but no finale
- Balance and difficulty are rough. Tutorial is missing. See below ("Getting stuck") for some help.

6 AM:
Way too early in the morning. Someone stole The Mayo's* cookie, so now Scimatta has to to find the culprit before they get away with it, literally.

The standard issue Pólis Manual and the "helpful" DB L.A.D** are Scimatta's only hope of accomplishing this feat, even though what Scimatta would really like to do is to get back into bed.

Procedurally generated with love, new run = new thief. Must be that unarmed confectionery robbery is the second most common past-time in Biscotja, the first  being telling lies, and I'm not making this up.

* No, not the Mayor, but The Mayo, who also happens to be the Mayor of Biscotja. How Mayo became Mayor is a story for another time...

** Database Lookup Assistant Drone

Getting stuck section:

  • The POMA (right click, or POMA icon) will tell you what items to look out for in order to catch the thief.
    NB. The POMA changes at every level!
  • There's only one thief per level. The thief might be a liar, but being a liar does not make one a thief.
  • Characters will almost never incriminate themselves directly. You might have to figure out who is innocent instead, and rule out the thief by exclusion.
  • Entries in the POMA do not imply anything other than what is directly specified . For example in the following scenario:
    1. The POMA says: Has plant = liar
    2. Ribbity has a plant
    3. It follows that Ribbity is a liar
    4. In another room, Bob does NOT have a plant
    5. Bob might be a liar, or he might not be - based on condition 1, we cannot tell. It might be possible to tell based on other entries in the manual.
  • Certain items are only found inside cabinets. Click on cabinets to open them.
  •  The POMA does not cover ALL cases, but it always covers enough cases to find the thief. 
  • If you can't tell if a character is a liar based on the information provided by the POMA, then it's better to talk to other characters.

SFX & Music Credits

 "8bit Dungeon Boss", "Android Sock Hop", "Blobby Samba", "Le Grand Chase", "Marty Gots a Plan", "Moonlight Hall", "Townie Loop", "Two Finger Johnny", "Waltz of Treachery FX" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

"Gong Hit"
"Bell 6"
"Whip Crack 01"
"Funky Guitar Solo"
"Elephant Voice"
"c_s cello B3
"Dog Toy"
"Toy Squeak"
"Green Toy Pig, Squeaking, A"

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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